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HIKMICRO eLearning platform aims to help Outdoor and Industrial practitioners enhance their professional competence through learning and certification. We welcome distributors, engineers, and anyone else who is interested in the Outdoor and Industrial to use this eLearning platform for training and certification. We will help you manage your training certificates and stay ahead of competitors.
Certification programs
HIKMICRO Outdoor Certification Program
The HIKMICRO Outdoor Certification Program (HOPC certification) focuses on essential theoretical knowledge and applications of general outdoor products’ main parameters, products, and their operation. The certification is designed for anyone who is eager for any kind of outdoor activity.
HIKMICRO Industrial Certification Program
The HIKMICRO Industrial Certification Program introduces essential thermography knowledge, general functions on the Basic level and professional functions (for situations) on higher levels.
Meet our trainers
HIKMICRO eLearning platform has brought together a professional and international team of trainers – HIKMICRO Certified Instructors – including in-house instructors and instructors from third-party institutions. Each of our talented and experienced instructors is a good mentor for your quick learning and development in the outdoor and industry.
Zoey Chen
What users say about us
Pretty new on IR cameras. Now I can answer basic questions to my customers. They work on the field.
HIKMICRO keeps up the good work and keeps on improving the world of thermal cameras.
The lesson has left me with a deep impression of the attractive points of different products.